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Finn & Cameron:

Quarantine Buddies

Quarantine Buddies: Finn & Cameron was made entirely during (and inspired by) the COVID-19 pandemic. This social media and print campaign captures a difficult moment in our history, and gives a humorous and relatable spin to this unique moment in time - all to raise awareness for pet adoption and raise money for the Humane Society.

This is a campaign meant to inspire. 

This is a campaign meant to entertain. 

But mostly ... this is a campaign filled with pictures of a human and a dog doing preposterous things together.

DAY #1

The city went into lockdown, but we're holding up pretty well for now.


Finn blocked my train to Santa Fe even though it didn't help his route at all. I will destroy him. 

Q1 - Board Games 02a.jpg
Q4 - Yoga 02g.jpg

DAY #17

Trying to keep the mind and body sharp with some yoga. Unsurprisingly, Finn is very good at Downward Dog. Surprisingly, he's also great at Lotus Pose and Kapotasana???

DAY #25

Getting a little help cooking breakfast from my quarantine buddy. Finn doesn't let me near the knives since my 'incident.' Luckily you can still make a mean fried egg with 9.35 fingers 

Q6 - Cooking 01c.jpg
Q13 - Bubble Bath 04.jpg

DAY #33

Finn finally convinced me I needed to bathe during quarantine. He kept saying something about his extremely sensitive sense of smell.


Fine, but I still refuse to wear pants.

DAY #51

Fine dining, quarantine-style. Finn sent his steak back because he said it was overcooked.


Also this week, Finn got bitten by another dog (who was not practicing social distancing) on one of our walks.

Q7 - Dinner 02b.jpg
Q9 - Handyman 04f.jpg

DAY #60

Hard to find a plumber during the lockdown, so I got a little help from my quarantine-buddy.


Finn's stitches came out last week (even if his hair hasn't come back yet) so he's finally able to pull his weight again

DAY #74

Finn is surprisingly good at puzzles considering he's colorblind and has no opposable thumbs.

Q8 -Puzzle 01.jpg
Q11 - Yardwork 02a.jpg

DAY #97

Our outdoor space has been keeping us sane during the lockdown - but even a tiny Brooklyn backyard is a lot of work! Luckily, Finn is pretty handy with the lawnmower, even if he NEVER helps with the weeds.

DAY #110

I held out under quarantine as long as I could, but my hair was getting super shaggy. So I bit the bullet and stopped by my (very) local barbershop.


Wasn't sure what to tip? So I settled on a belly rub, some chicken jerky, and $7.

Q10 - Haircut 02a.jpg
Q18 - Watering Plants 02a.jpg

DAY #127

Turns out Finn has quite the green thumb.  Or paw.  Or whatever.  Either way the aralia is looking fabulous.

DAY #134

Avoiding unnecessary trips to the laundromat by doing my washing and pressing at home. And also by never wearing pants. Finn doesn't seem to mind helping out, even he never has any pants to wash.

Q14 - Ironing 02a.jpg
Q15 - Campfire 04a.jpg

DAY #149

The new nightlife during lockdown. Sure Finn might roast a better marshmallow, but I tell (slightly) better ghost stories. 

DAY #171

Me & Finn are using our time for some personal growth & to learn new skills. I still have a long way to go, but Finn already painted some really tasteful nudes of me!

Q16 - Painting 02g.jpg
Q17 - Pranks1 07e.jpg

DAY #203

Not gonna lie - starting to get a little stir crazy around the house.  At least Finn is figuring out new ways of entertaining himself.

DAY #209

Stressful times, but doing my best to just relax and catch up on some reading with my quarantine buddy.


Finn helps me out with some of the big words, and I help him distinguish between colors.

Q12 - Reading in Bed 03d.jpg
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